Debug  CY4640.

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    Question: How to debug the CY4640?



    The CY4640 uses the maximum memory available with the EZ-Host without using paging. Because of this, when the firmware is compiled to run in the debugger, the debug symbols cause the code size to be much too large to fit in the available memory. There are several techniques that can be used to debug your code anyway. Here are the main ways to debug the code:

    1.   The code can actually be compiled using a standard compiler to run on a windows based system. This of course will use the x86 processor with a larger available memory and so typical debugger functions can be used.
    2.   If the code is pared down to just the necessary code for debugging and just the section of code that you need to debug is actually built with the debug symbols, you may be able to get the code to run in the part with the debugger.
    3.   The CY4640 includes hardware tracing so the user can connect a logic analyzer to the memory bus and trace various functions.
    4.   The CY4640 utilizes the serial terminal for exercising the RDK. This serial terminal connection also provides a good way to display useful information and can be used as a debug tool.

    Thes options are covered in detail in a document found in the $HOME/Docs/CY4640 directory and is called CY4640 Debugging Options.