Methods to download  firmware to EZ_HOST/EZ_OTG in  standalone mode

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    Question: What are the different methods of downloading firmware to EZ_HOST/EZ_OTG memory in a standalone mode?



    In Standalone mode EZ_HOST/EZ_OTG is the main processor for the  entire system. If both GPIO[31:30] pins are pulled high then the internal ROM BIOS  boots in Standalone mode . The USB ports on both SIE1/SIE2 will function in peripheral mode by default. Connect a USB cable between Host PC and the any one of the two peripheral ports and follow the methods explained below to download the firmware.

    i. Download to EEPROM: Using windows based bash shell utility(qtui2c.exe available in CY3663 Development  kit ), the entire firmware image can be  downloaded into I2C based EEPROM. After reset the image will boot  from the EEPROM.

    ii. Download to on-chip RAM: The image can be downloaded directly to RAM using load_ram utility which is a PC based bash shell script. Please refer to these scripts in CY4640 RDK firmware example folders (msc, scsi).