OTG-Host Class Driver for PDA

Version 1
    Question: Can you provide a "class driver" for a  PDA? Do you have a class driver for a PocketPC?



    The EZ-Host and EZ-OTG parts can operate in stand-alone or in co-processor mode.The mode your design is using will affect the class drivers that are available.

    Co-processor mode:  In this mode you would use an external processor in conjunction with the internal CY16 processor through one of the 3 processor interfaces available in the CY7C67200/300. The most popular interface is the HPI bus because of its speed and flexibility. In co-processor mode the external processor is typically running an RTOS such as Linux or WinCE. The CY3663 - EZ-OTG / EZ-Host Development Kit does include a Linux driver for our parts and an EZ-OTG/EZ-Host Windows CE.NET driver is available on our web site. A driver would need to be developed for other RTOSs. The advantage to using an RTOS is the access to other class drivers. You would need to contact the provider of the RTOS you are using to determine if a driver is available for your target device. 


    Stand-alone:  In stand-alone mode the internal CY16 processor is typically the only processor in the solution. In this case firmware is loaded into the part from an EEPROM at power up. When operating in stand-alone you will need to build your own driver that applies to the target device you want to host or internal firmware for being a slave. We do not have class drivers for a Palm in our frameworks code at this time although Cypress has had customers who have used these parts for hosting Palm PDAs. In the CY3663, there are several design examples that are typical to a given design and a customer will normally start from the one that most closely matches their design. They then will use the driver template and develop the driver for their TPL (Targeted Peripheral List).