Programming the EZ-Host Development Board - KBA84123

Version: *A



How do I build and download code to the EZ-Host Development Board?



The following instructions will guide you through building and downloading Design Example 3 (DE3) to the Host Development Board.

To build DE3:

  1. Open a BASH window Start → Programs → Cypress → BASH → EnvironmentOTG — Host → USB
  2. Change directories to DE3
      [cy]$ cd Source/stand-alone/de3
  3. Do a make clean to start from scratch
      [cy]$ make clean
  4. Do a make all to rebuild all code
      [cy]$ make all

To download the code to the EZ-Host Development Board RAM:

  1. Open a BASH environment and go to the de3 directory
  2. Use a text editor to view de3.ld to see where the code is org’d at (. = 0x####)
      [cy]$ cy16-elf-objdump –f de3
      [cy]$ cy16-elf-readelf –h de3
      [cy]$ head -20 de3.ld
  3. Run scanwrap on the binary image
      [cy]$ scanwrap de3.bin de3_scan.bin 0x04A4

To download the code to the EZ-Host Development Board EEPROM:

  1. Set all of the board’s dipswitches to off
  2. Power up the board by plugging in the power connector
  3. Reset the board by pressing the reset button
  4. Set the dipswitches for EEPROM 4/stand-alone mode
  5. Open a BASH window and go to the de3 directory
  6. Plug in a USB cable to SIE2 (Peripheral–2A)
  7. Verify the device manager is using the correct driver
      Cypress USB EZ-OTG Device VID=04B4, PID=7200
  8. Run qtui2c
      [cy]$ qtui2c de3_scan.bin f