Pin to pin compatibility issues of Cypress dual-ports

Version 1
    Question: In the IDT device IDT7006L25J, which is a 16K x 8 DPRAM, pins 2 and 33 are No Connect (NC) whereas the correspnding pins in CY7C006A have A14L and A14R for those pins respectively. Is the Cypress part pin-to-pin compatible?



    If you look at the Cypress datasheet for CY7C006A carefully ,you'll see that the pin configurations are for CY7C006A, CY7C007A, and CY7C017A. There is a note for pins 2 and 33 and if you read that note, it says "A14 is a no connect for 16K devices." So, the two parts are indeed pin-to-pin compatible. As a side note, these devices are functionally equivalent but the board design must be carefully reviewed as there can be minor input/output load differences.