Over-Current and Non-Polarized Connection Issue with Miniprog3 *A – KBA221419

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    Translation - Japanese: Miniprog3 *A における過電流と無極性接続の問題について - KBA221419 - Community Translated (JA)



    Are there any over-current or connection issues with the Miniprog3 *A?



    There are known electrical risks to the Miniprog3 *A revision with respect to over-current protection and connector polarity. The Miniprog3 *A does not have sufficient ESD and over-current protections on the programming and USB lines. The programmer has to suspect the failures if these conditions are met.


    A specific risk is seen when customers reverse the 5 or 10 pin connector when trying to program or debug a system. By doing this, power and ground connections will be connected to an electrically vulnerable configuration. This configuration may damage the Miniprog3 resulting in failures. This often occurs when customers have non-keyed connectors or header in their system.


    The current workaround is to be aware of the polarity settings on the target board and/or use keyed connectors when trying to program using the Miniprog3.


    Miniprog3 *B is updated to add ESD protection controls to the data and USB lines and protective circuitry for connector polarity mistakes.