Over-Current and Non-Polarized Connection Issue with Miniprog3 *A

Question: Are there any over-current or connection issues with the Miniprog3 *A?



There are known electrical risks to the Miniprog3 *A revision with respect to over-current protecation and connector polarity. The Miniprog3 *A does not have sufficient ESD and over-current protections on the programming and USB lines. The programmer is suspect to failures if these conditions are met.

A specific risk is seen when customers reverse the 5 or 10 pin connector when trying to program or debug a system. By doing this power and ground connections will be connected to an electrically vulnerable configuration. This configuration may cause damage to the Miniprog3 resulting in failures. This often occurs when customers have a non keyed connectors or header for their system.

The current workaround is to be aware of the polarity settings on the target board and/or use keyed connectors when trying to program using the Miniprog3.

An update is being made to the Miniprog3 programmer that will add ESD protection controls to the data and USB lines as well as adding protective circuitry for connector polarity mistakes. This new Miniprog3 revision will be called *B and will be available in Q4 of 2011.