PSoC® 1 Application Note Finder - KBA83025

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    How do I find application notes for PSoC 1?



    Cypress’s website ( has more than 80 application notes for PSoC 1, PowerPSoC®, and Powerline Communication (PLC) devices covering a range of topics. Our PSoC 1 AN Finder spreadsheet (included in this specification) will help you identify relevant application notes based on domain tags, document complexity, supported devices, availability of example projects, supported software versions, and hardware kits.


    The first four columns of the spreadsheet provide tags for quick sorting. These tags are based on content domain, application function, type of PSoC building blocks or IP, and document complexity. The spreadsheet also tells you the following information:

    • Example projects, if there are any
    • The version of PSoC Designer™ supported
    • The hardware platform used to test the project
    • The supported device family

    You can filter and sort out application notes using any of the fields and find the ones you would like to download.

    A list of PSoC 1 application notes is also accessible from the Advanced Search - Application Notes - PSoC 1 page.