"Program" button not displayed on PSoC Designer toolbar

Question: The "Program" button is not being displayed on my PSoC Designer 5.1 toolbar. How to make it appear ?



Follow the below steps to make the "Program" button appear on the toolbar:

-Open My Computer. Make sure PSoC Designer 5.1 is not running.
- Type %AppData% in explorer address bar
- Navigate to "..\Application Data\Cypress_Semiconductor\PSoC_Designer_51\"
- Copy all *.xml files except settings.xml to a newly created temp folder(This temp folder is just a backup of the .xml files and can be deleted later once this procedure succeeds)
- Delete *.xml files except settings.xml from "..\Application Data\Cypress_Semiconductor\PSoC_Designer_51\"
- Re-start PSoC 5.1 and verify if the "Program" option is now available.