Cross family cloning in PD5.1 SP2 crashes PD

Version 1
    Question: When I try to clone a project from one family to another in PD5.1 SP2 PSoC Designer crashes.  Why is this and how can I work around it?



    If the target PSoC1 family does not support user modules from the source family, PSoC Designer 5.1 SP2 will crash after attempting to clone. This issue has been fixed in the next release of PSoC Designer, which is PSoC Designer 5.2. Steps for how to clone a project in PD5.1 are:

    1. Open your project in PD5.1, unplace all user modules and build. There will be errors, please ignore them. Close project.

    2. Create a new PD5.1 project. Choose a name and select "Clone project". Select the Project which was created after step 3.

    3. Choose Target device and hit OK.

    4. In the "Clone Analysis" window choose "Enable Cross Family Cloning" and push the "Clone" button.

    5. PSoC Designer 5.1 will delete all unsupported User Modules. User needs to place all necessary user modules manually.