Generate frameworks (fw.c)

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    Question: How to generate a frameworks (fw.c) based project?



    Create a (frameworks based) project folder by just copying the "fw" example folder (C:\Cypress\USB\Target\Fw\Ezusb) to a new location (i.e. under "Examples") and then rename the folder to the new project name. Remove the .hex file, and rename periph.c to .c, then rename the .uV2 (Keil uVision2) project file to .uV2.
    Double-click on
    .uV2. This will open the Keil uVision2 IDE so you can start editing your source files. You will also want to go to the Target Options under the Output tab to change the name of the hex file generated to become .hex. Otherwise, fw.hex will be generated instead.