FX2LP in Windows7 64 bit machine

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    Question: When trying to use FX2LP in Windows7 64 bit Operating System, the device is not detected in the PC. how can we program FX2LP using Windows7 64 bit machine?



    When using Windows 7 64-bit Operating System to program FX2LP device, we have to take care of the following issues:

    1. While trying to use CyUSB.sys given along with SuiteUSB might give code 52 error (or code 39 in Windows Vista).This happens because it is an unsigned driver and to avoid this error the driver signature enforcement has to be disabled while booting the system.(Details for the steps are given in the attached document). You can also download the signed CyUSB driver from the Cypress Website to avoid the driver signature enforcement everytime you boot up.

    2. After successfully mounting the driver to the device, one can use CyConsole or Control Centre to program the device. CyConsole might not recognise the device even after mounting the driver. For this we have to select the right instance of driver from the Misc. Tab in CyConsole.

    The document detailing all the required steps with snapshots for the above points have been attached. Please refer to it for better details.