Migrating a Bootloader Project from Older version of PSoC Desginer to Newer Version of PSoC Designer

Version 1
    Question: How do i safely migrate from Older version to newer version of PSoC Designer for a bootloader project created in older version?



    A Bootloader project created in earlier version of PSoC Desginer builds and compiles fine. But, if we open the same project in latest or newer version and update the bootloader UM to new version  by keeping same boot.tpl, initially it compiles and builds fine. However, if we open bootloader tools by right clicking on the UM, then the UM Properties changes automatically as follows 

    1. "TWO_Block_Relocatable_Interrupt_Table" changes from 0x26 to 0x2

    2. "Application_Checksum_Block" changes from 0xFF to 0x4

    3. "BootLoader_Size" changes from 0x22 to 0x18

    Now, the project won't compile correctly and throws error due to overlapping of blocks. Error : " area 'Bootloader' not large enough. Need 1566 Bytes. lo 689 hi 1663 size 975"

    Solution/ Workaround : Delete and place the UM again in the newer version of the PSoC Designer. Set the parameters as you want. Run "Bootloader Tools" and press "Get Files" button. This solution is tested for PD5.0 SP6 and PD5.1 SP2.1

    This Issue will be Fixed in the next release of PSoC Desginer.