Error Installing CY8C28 Kit Collateral from the PSoC® 1 CD Available in CY8CKIT001B – KBA83323

Version 1
    Version: **


    Question: How do you resolve an exception during a WebClient request received from the CY8C28 kit collateral from the PSoC® 1 CD available in CY8CKIT001B?



    There is a manufacturing error with a specific lot of CY8CKIT-001B Rev ** in which the PSoC 1 CD for the CY8C28 kit provides the following error during install:

    The installer is unable to download installation information. Please check your proxy and internet connection and try again.
    An exception occurred during a WebClient request.

    Figure 1. Installation Error

    We deeply regret the inconvenience caused to you due to the defective CD. Please download the correct CD image CY8CKIT-001 PSoC1 ISO (Create CD) from . Once the downloaded .iso file is written to a CD, the CY8C28 kit content can be installed from that CD. Alternatively, there are tools available to mount the .iso file as a virtual CD.

    Identifying Affected Kits

    The issue is with a handful of kits with known date codes. If you still have the box in which the kit came, check the lower left corner on the backside of the box for the date code (see Figure 2). If this code begins with the alphanumeric characters 1117DG or 1128DG your kit may be affected.

    Figure 2. Identifying Affected Kits