Finding the Flash & RAM usage of APIs of a component in PSoC Creator 2.0

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    Question: How to find the Flash & RAM space being occupied by APIs of a component in PSoC Creator 2.0?



    If you want to determine how much space is actually used for APIs of a component in an application, you need to look at the .map file. It is available under the Results tab of the Workspace Explorer. All the functions for a particular instance will include the instance name in the function. All the functions that are not used will be removed. They will show up in the file with a "*DEL*" notation.
    For example, I have created a design with a PWM and used the default instance name “PWM_1”. Following steps explain how to find out the memory usage of different APIs related to PWM_1 instance.
    (1)Build the project successful, and then open the .map file under Result tab.
    (2) Press “Ctrl+Shift+F” to open “Find Replace” window, Input “PWM_1” in the “Find what” text box, choose “Current Document” in the below and click on “Find all” button.
    (3) From the search result (below picture) we can figure out how much Flash/RAM space is actually occupied.

    Note: These numbers are for PSoC3 with the Keil compiler at optimization level 5.