Error in Opening a Project (created in PD5.1 SP2)  on PD5.1 SP2 Installer Hotfix version

Question: Why I cannot open the project created using PD5.1 SP2 on PD5.1 SP2 Installer Hotfix version?





After installing PD5.1 SP2 Installer Hotfix using the procedure mentioned in

Project created using PD5.1 SP2, cannot be opened in PD5.1 SP2 Installer Hotfix . Error message is issued by PSoC Designer:
"This project was designed using newer versions of PSoC Designer components.
-PSoC Designer Content 5.1 2306
Please update your version of PSoC Designer to open this project."

Root cause
PD checks windows registry and then compares with the information stored in project. The problem is that the value written to windows registry by PD5.1 SP2 Installer Hotfix is wrong as opposed to regular SP2 release. The content hotfix build writes the build number "1258", Regular SP2 writes correct value "2306".

 Fix the windows registry
There are two batch files attached with this KB.

Run "Rm-PSocDesignerRegKeysPD5.1SP2Hotfix_x64" batch file for 64 bit windows. 


Run "Rm-PSocDesignerRegKeysPD5.1SP2Hotfix_x86" batch file for 32 bit windows.