RTOS Supported by PSoC® 5LP/ PSoC 4 - KBA84804

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How many real-time operating systems (RTOS) does PSoC® 5LP/PSoC 4 support and where can I download the RTOS example project? 



PSoC 5LP supports three RTOS – Micrium uC/OS-III and FreeRTOS.

For further details, or to download documents or example projects, go to the following links:

  1. Micrium uC/OS – III
  2. FreeRTOS 
  3. embOS

PSoC 4 supports one RTOS – emboss. FreeRTOS is not officially supported but FreeRTOS port is available in the link given below.

  1. embOS
  2. FreeRTOS (The link is not the officially supported port).