UART Communication on CY8C20436

Version 1
    Question: Is it possible to include UART functionality in addition to  touch button, CSD  function on CY8C20xx6 devices?



    The CY8C20xx6 devices do not support UART functionality. However, a bit banging based software user module i.e. TX8SW is available for transmitting the data.  Reciever module is NOT available.

    If a full duplex UART functionality is needed along with CapSense, the following devices could be used:

    1. CY8C21x34, CY8C21x34B or CY8C24x94: Here, CSDADC can be used for CapSense functionality (PRS8 configuration using two digital blocks) along with the UART user module. Note that these devices use Rb method instead of IDAC method and hence, an external Rb would be required in both the cases.

    2. CY8C22x45 or CY8C28xxx: These devices have larger number of digital blocks and hence can support UART with CapSense. Also, these suppport both Rb and IDAC methods and also support dual channel CapSense which means two buttons can be scanned simultaneously with these devices.

    3. PSoC3/5: These have universal digital blocks which could be used for UART along with CapSense. These also suppport both Rb and IDAC methods and dual channel CapSense as 22x45/28xxx.