Aggregate bandwidth and throughput of synchronous FIFOs

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    Question: - How is the aggregate bandwidth of a synchronous FIFO calculated?  - How is the aggregate throughput of a synchronous FIFO calculated?



    Generally the aggregate bandwidth and throughput are calculated for unidirectional FIFOs. Aggregate bandwidth is the total data transfer rate of both device ports.  Aggregate throughput is the total data transfer rate through the device.  To transfer data through the device, a write and read operation are required.

    Aggregate Bandwidth = N * W * fmax

    Aggregate Throughput = (N * W * fmax) / 2

    where: N = Number of Ports = 2 W = Port Width fmax = maximum port operating frequency

    By definition, a unidirectional FIFO has one port dedicated to writing and one port dedicated to reading.  Therefore, aggregate throughput will always be given by the above equation.