Security Bit in the Ultra 37000

Version 1
    Question: 1. What does the security bit do? 2. How do I set the security bit? 3. Can I recover a design from a device programmed with the security bit?



    The security bit is a programmable field in the Ultra 37000 family of devices that prevents certain operations from occuring to the device once programmed. When such a bit is set, there is no way to recover the design from a programmed device and all operations on the device are prohibited, save erasing the device and reprogramming.

    Within the device itself, a '0' within the fuse map of the device indicates a "secure" device. However, the JEDEC standard states that a '1' indicates security. As a result, the ISR software flips this bit when programming the device. As a default, the designs generated from Warp are unsecure.

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