How can find device information at runtime?

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    Question: How can I access device information at runtime?


    Answer: There are several registers that hold device information.  In the PSoC3 Registers TRM these registers can be found at the bottom in the FLSHID_CUST_TABLES section.  Here are several useful registers that contain device information:  CYDEV_FLSHID_CUST_TABLES_WAFER_NUM - wafer number CYDEV_FLSHID_CUST_TABLES_LOT_LSB - LSB of lot number CYDEV_FLSHID_CUST_TABLES_LOT_MSB - MSB of lot number CYDEV_FLSHID_CUST_TABLES_WRK_WK - work week the chip was created CYDEV_FLSHID_CUST_TABLES_FAB_YR - year the chip was created CYDEV_FLSHID_CUST_TABLES_MINOR - manufacturing part number