Trouble getting SmartSense V1.30 user module to calibrate sensors correctly

Version 1
    Question: Why does the SmartSense V1.30 user module (available in PSoC Designer 5.2) not calibrate sensors correctly?



    The SmartSense version 1.30 user module (shipped in PSoC Designer 5.2) has a bug that prevents proper sensor calibration at power-up. The workaround is to download and install a patch for PSoC Designer to update the SmartSense user module code, fixing the bug.

    Download the attached SmartSenseHotfix.exe. This is a self-extracting installer that will update your installed Smartsense user module code.

    To use it,
    - Run the SmartSenseHotfix.exe file
    - Provide the install path for PD5.2 where your "common" folder is located (default is C:\Program Files\Cypress\PSoC Designer\5.2\).
    - Make sure "overwrite" is checked and extract.

    We apologize for the inconvenience this might have caused to you. Should you have questions regarding the SmartSense user module or this bug, please contact Cypress support at: