Difference between SVF and STAPL file formats

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    Question: What is the difference between SVF and STAPL file formats and how should one select between the two?



     User can select file format SVF or STAPL depending on their requirment. The Serial Vector File (SVF) format is a widely adopted standard method of describing a set of high-level IEEE 1149.1 bus operations, consisting of scan operations and movements between different stable states on the IEEE 1149.1 state diagram. SVF is an alternative to STAPL, and is more suitable in certain applications, such as the embedded programming of devices. ISR 4.0 supports the creations of SVF files in order to provide compatibility with third party tools and users that have adopted this Dependent/Chain Independent modes when using the New Device Wizard. When the Composer is run, an ISR SVF ASCII text file is created to describe the operation and device selected.

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