Usage of Serial Ports 0 and 1 on FX2LP, implementing ISRs

Version 1
    Question: How to implement RS232-USB converter using both serial ports on FX2LP DVK CY3684?



    The attached firmware  will enable FX2LP to both send and receive data to and from the serial ports 0 and 1.
    The data from the serial port 0 is received in Endpoint 6 and data in Endpoint 2 is sent to it.
    The data from the serial port 1 is received in Endpoint 8 and data in Endpoint 4 is sent to it. The data stored in the endpoint buffer can be processed by FX2LP.

    For implementing the serial ports, external Interrupts has been used. So that FX2LP can do any processing required in the TD_Poll() routine.
    Hyperterminal is used to view and send the data through the serial ports. On the FX2LP side the data is sent and received using CyConsole.

    Find attached the document with the step by step procedure to follow.