Programming PRoC LP ICs without isolating RF section

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    Question: How to program PRoC LP ICs without isolating the RF section?



    The RF section of PRoC devices are tolerant only to a maximum voltage range of 3.6V. While programming using Miniprog1, only Power cycle programming at 5V is possible. Hence, while using Miniprog1, it is necessary to isolate the RF power pins from this 5V programming voltage. This demands for specialised circuit which can be obtained from CY4672 kit schematics.

     If this modified circuit is not desirable and you want to program the PRoC without isolating the RF section, you can use Miniprog 3. Miniprog 3 supports Power cycle programming at 3.3V. Since the RF section is tolerant to voltages below 3.6V, 3.3 V programming by Miniprog 3 is acceptable.