Corruption in a Particular Location of nvSRAM even Though WE# is Pulled Up to VCC – KBA83102

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    Translation - Japanese: VCCにプルアップされているWE#端子を持つnvSRAMの特定領域での破損 - KBA83102 - Community Translated (JA)



    What is the reason for corruption in a particular location of nvSRAM (typically 0x0000) even though WE# is pulled up to VCC?



    Certain controllers/FPGAs may pull the I/Os low during their startup. As a result, the WE# may be pulled low by the controller/FPGA. The pull-up resistance on the WE# may not be effective in ensuring a logic HIGH on the WE# pin. In this case, you must ensure that the controller/FPGA is configured to tristate its pins during the boot up phase.


    The need for pull-up resistance on the WE# of the nvSRAM is explained in Pull-Up Resistor on the WE# Control Line of an nvSRAM – KBA83047.