How do I Place an order for Sample / Development Kits

Version 1

    1.  Go to
    2.  Clickon Buy -> Development Kits

    Figure - 1

    Figure - 2

    3. Enter the KIT number in the search box as shown in Figure - 3 and then click on search.

    Figure - 3

    4. Click on the first link which appears on the screen.


     Figure - 4

    5. A new screen opens up which gives the complete details about the Kit you have selected along with the price for the same and also the availability on the right hand side of the screen as shown in Figure - 5.

    Figure - 5

    6. Once clicked on Add to cart, the website goes to a new screen which confirms about the kit selected along with the price of the same. If you want to buy only one kit, click on “Checkout” else if want to buy more kits, click on “Continue” as shown in Figure - 6.

    Figure - 6

    7. Once clicked on “Checkout”, website will ask for your login id & password. If you are a registered user, kindly enter your login credentials else first register on and then follow the above steps.

    Figure - 7

    8. Once logged in, website will ask you for your shipping address as shown below. Please fill in the details which are marked with red.

    Figure - 8

    9. Once clicked on ship to address, website will take you to a secured webpage to charge the amount of the kit through your account.