Mark Lot Number

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    Question: Can you explain the mark lot number on a device?



    The mark lot number marked on a device is a 6 digit number which consists of MNNNNN, where M is the first digit of the Mark Process and NNNNN is a unique sequential number assigned by our Manufacturing Execution System (MES). This mark lot number is derived from the MES mark lot number which consists of M1YYNNNNN where M1 is the mark process, YY is the year and NNNNN is a unique sequential number. There are 2 active mark processes, 61 which means the device is Marked in Assembly prior to test and finish. 71 represents Mark in Finish for devices that are binned in test but not marked in Finish until demand for shipment. YY is from the date code, so the MES mark lot number can be derived from the marking on the device.

        For device example on the right the MES mark lot number is 611057438 for a device that was marked in assembly. The Mark Process (M1) is 61, Mark in Assembly. Year (YY) is 2011. And the unique lot number is 57438.