Cypress Survey Dialog Box

Version 1
    Question: A mysterious survey dialog box keeps popping up on my machine? What is this?



    This is a Cypress Kit survey launched from the Cypress Update Manager.

    It looks something like the following.

    The Cypress Update Manager keeps track of all Cypress software installed on your machine. It compares the version you have on your machine versus the latest version on the website. You can control the frequency it checks for updates (or disable checking completely) from the Cypress Update Manager. Launch the Cypress Update Manager from the Start Menu (All Programs->Cypress->Cypress Update Manager->Cypress Update Manager).

    Once you have launched the update manager, click on Preferences. You will see a dialog box like this,

    As you can see in the Updates section, you can select a checking frequency or disable the check completely. You can check for updates manually by launching the update manager and clicking on the “Check for updates” box. See the screen capture below,

    Obviously you can use the Cypress Update Manager to uninstall or update a Cypress product installed on your system.

    Returning to survey dialog box - one question we get is “why don’t you have an email with a link the way most Cypress surveys are sent?”  This is due to the unique nature of kits.  The way the kits are distributed there is nothing to download, and in most cases we often have no record of the final user. Cypress gets outstanding customer feedback from our surveys, and we want to provide development kits that customers find useful.  We also want to provide a convenient path to hear of any frustrations you may have had purchasing, installing, or using the kit.  Using this survey mechanism provides this path.  You have 3 choices when you get the dialog box:

    1.   Take Survey
    2.   Skip Survey
    3.   Don’t Ask Again

    On clicking "Don't Ask Again" button in Cypress Survey window, you will never get another survey for any installed kits. To get the survey again, you should uninstall all Cypress products and install them again.