I2CHW User Module Slave Operation – KBA83004

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    Question: How do you implement an I2C slave using the I2CHW User Module in PSoC® 1?



    PSoC Designer™ provides an I2CHW User Module (UM) that uses a dedicated hardware resource in PSoC 1 to implement an I2C master or slave. This UM provides access to the APIs for controlling the data transfer.

    The attached document and project provide an example of configuring and testing the I2CHW User Module in slave mode. For testing the PSoC 1 I2C slave, a PSoC Programmer™ device—MiniProg3 or Cypress I2C-USB Bridge CY3240—can be used. These bridges communicate with a PC application—Bridge Control Panel—provided with the PSoC Programmer software. The attached project provides an example of how to configure the PSoC 1 device as a slave, and instructions on how to use it with Bridge Control Panel are available in the attached document.