Using CY7C64225 USB to UART Bridge Controller with Android - KBA81836

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    Translation - Japanese: Android での CY7C64225 USB-UART ブリッジ コントローラーの使い方について - KBA81836 - Community Translated (JA)


    Question: Can I use a Cypress USB to UART bridge controller with Android?



    Yes, the Android kernel source is based on Linux. To use CY7C64225 with Android, you must enable the CDCACM driver in the kernel.

    Use the following procedure to enable CDC-ACM driver in the kernel:

    1.   Open menu config of your kernel source.
    2.   Go to Device Driver > USB Support > USB modem (CDC ACM) support. Select the module as shown in the figure.
    3.   Rebuild the kernel and reboot the Android device.
    4.   Connect the Cypress USB to UART bridge controller to the Android device. Verify that the ttyACM* node is created in the /dev directory of Android device.
        * is a wildcard to represent the number of the device node. If a node exists, the CDC-ACM driver is successfully bound to the Cypress USB to UART device.

    By default, Android does not provide any application to emulate USB-Serial devices. For hosts running Microcom (terminal emulation program) on Android, you can use the following procedure below to communicate with the CY7C64225 and stream data:

    1.   Download busybox from For an ARM based platform, select busybox-ARMv6l.
    2.   Copy the binary to /system/bin of rootfs.
    3.   Boot Android and get root access for the command shell.
    4.   Run the following command in terminal:
        cd /system/bin and run ./busybox-armv6l microcom -s 115200 /dev/ttyACM0