Advantages of Burst Modes in Single Data Rate Synchronous SRAMs- KBA80732

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    Question: What are the advantages of burst modes in Standard Sync/NoBL SRAMs (Single data rate synchronous SRAMs)?



    Burst mode is a high speed method to access the SRAM with lower address bus noise. Single data rate synchronous SRAMs such as standard sync and NoBL can send and receive data in bursts.

    For general operation, one burst method does not have any significant advantage over the other. Different processors support different types of burst operation. While the Intel processors support the interleaved burst mode. The power PC microprocessors support the linear burst mode.

    Burst modes in single data rate synchronous SRAMs have the following advantages:

    •   Reduced activity on the address bus (four memory locations accessed with a single address)
    •   Address generation to the SRAM to free the controller to perform other functions
    •   Increased reliability because the address location generates inside the SRAM