Using CY7C64225 USB to UART Bridge Controller with Mac OS - KBA81837

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Question: Can I use a USB to UART bridge controller with Mac OS?



Yes, the Apple USB driver stack has a built-in driver for CDC ACM class devices.

As CY7C64225 supports the CDC-ACM class, the Apple driver known as USBCDCACM is automatically bound to the device creates a node in /dev/tty.usbmodem*. The name of the device node varies based on the device instance number/name. An application communicating with the CY7C64225 must refer to this node for further communication.

For example, if the host is running zterm (terminal emulation program) on OS X 10.6.8, the device when attached to the host comes up as tty.usbmodemfd131. With OS X 10.8, the device comes up as tty.usbmodem1421. You can use the following procedure to communicate with the CY7C64225 and stream data:

  1.   Launch zterm. Select Settings > Connection.
  2.   Update all the connection settings, such as baudrate, data bits, parity and so on of the host application (zterm) to be consistent with the device configuration.
  3.   Select Settings > Modem Preferences, and then select usbmodem*
      * is a wildcard to represent the device instance.