Changing the Default VID/PID of the CY7C64225 USB to UART Bridge Controller - KBA81841

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    Translation - Japanese: CY7C64225 USB-UART ブリッジ コントローラーのデフォルト VID/PID の変更について - KBA81841 - Community Translated (JA)


    Question: How do I change the default VID/PID of the CY7C64225 USB to UART bridge controller?



    For customers who want to use their own vendor ID (VID) and product ID (PID), Cypress provides a configuration utility called CyUSBUART to set the following parameters:

    •   PID and VID
    •   Manufacturer string descriptor
    •   Product string descriptor
    •   Power source (self/bus)
    •   Remote wakeup
    •   Power consumption

    The configuration parameters are stored in the internal EEPROM of CY7C64225. This eliminates the need for an external memory component for configuration. An illustration of how to use the configuration utility is in the product user guide available for download at