Difference in the Display of ROM Usage in PSoC® Designer™ - KBA82150

Version 2

    Version: *A



    Flash usage reported by ImageCraft compiler is not correct. Is there a workaround to get actual memory usage?



    While doing memory usage calculation, the memory usage shown in the output window of PSoC Designer is not complete.
    The ImageCraft compiler output shows a sum of these areas (lit, funt_lit, psoc_config and text) but absolute area is not added, which
    causes the difference. To get the actual memory usage, open the memory map file with extension (.mp) in the workspace explorer
    under the output files category. It is shown in the screenshot given below. It indicates that the code memory ends at location 0x457
    (1,111 bytes used). However, the ImageCraft compiler shows in the output window the usage excluding the absolute areas (878 bytes