Gestures supported by PROC-TT - KBA82021

Question: Which gestures are supported on PRoC-TT?



The PRoC TT part supports the following single finger and two finger gestures -

  1.   Single Finger Pan North
  2.   Single Finger Pan Northeast
  3.   Single Finger Pan Northwest
  4.   Single Finger Pan South
  5.   Single Finger Pan Southeast
  6.   Single Finger Pan Southwest
  7.   Single Finger Pan East
  8.   Single Finger Pan West
  9.   Single Finger Single Click
  10.   Single Finger Double Click
  11.   Single Finger Rotate Clockwise
  12.   Single Finger Rotate Counter Clockwise
  13.   Two Finger Pan North
  14.   Two Finger Pan Northeast
  15.   Two Finger Pan Northwest
  16.   Two Finger Pan South
  17.   Two Finger Pan Southeast
  18.   Two Finger Pan Southwest
  19.   Two Finger Pan East
  20.   Two Finger Pan West
  21.   Two Finger Tap
  22.   Pinch
  23.   Zoom Out
  24.   Drag
  25.   Slide From Right Edge (Windows 8)
  26.   Slide From Left Edge (Windows 8)
  27.   Slide From Top Edge (Windows 8)
  28.   Two Finger Inertial Scroll (Windows 8)
All standard gestures in Windows are supported by PRoC-TT. You can mail us at for more information on supported gestures.