Development Environment Needed to Configure PROC-UI - KBA82018

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    Question: What development environment do I need to configure PRoC-UI?



    PSoC Designer 5.3, scheduled for release in September 2012, will support PRoC-TT (CYRF89535-68LTXC), PRoC-CS (CYRF89435-40LTXC), and PRoC-USB (CYRF89235-40LTXC).The PRoC-TT user module will contain Cypress’s TrueTouch IP. Hence, it will be password protected. Passwords will be provided to customers who sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with Cypress.

     PRoC-CS (CYRF89435-68LTXC) and PRoC-EMB (CYRF89135-40LTXC) will be supported in later releases of PSoC Designer.

    Please contact to know more about this.