Advantages of Designing with PROC-UI - KBA82026

Question: What are the advantages of designing with PRoC UI?



Designing with PRoC-UI has several advantages. A few of these are as follows:

  •   Combines three chips into one for wireless touch sensing solutions
  •   On board low power, radio - WirelessUSB-NL
  •   Reduces board space, BOM costs
  •   Low power consumption for battery operation
  •   Uses market leading CapSense® and TrueTouch® technology
  •   High performance sensing across a variety of overlay materials and thickness
  •   Library of one finger and two finger gestures on trackpads included
  •   Windows 8 compatible and supports Windows 8 touch gestures
  •   SmartSense™ Auto-Tuning technology
  •   Complete user interface solution including audio, visual, and haptics feedback
  •   Higher flash size