Fixing Compilation Errors While Updating UMs in PSoC® Designer™ 5.1, SP3 - KBA82259

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    Question: How to fix the compilation errors due to EzI2C User Module been updated?



    In order to fix the compilation errors created due to EzI2C User Module (UM) update, simply delete the UM and replace it. This also effects the following UMs: CSD (StdUM), CSDADC and SmartSense when they are used with EzI2C.

    There was an issue with UM update in PSoC Designer 5.1 Service Pack 3. During the UM update, new UM version set default parameters first (default pins), but later the parameters are restored from the old UM version. Therefore when update was finished, pin settings for the pins, intended to be default for CSD ("Feedback Resistor Pin" and "Modulator Capacitor Pin") were corrupted.

    This issue is fixed and handled in the next service packs including SP4, SP5, and SP6 of PSoC Designer 5.1.