Not Using Real-Time Clock Functionality in an nvSRAM with RTC – KBA83099

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    Translation - Japanese: RTC付きのnvSRAMでReal-Time Clock機能を使わない - KBA83099 - Community Translated (JA)



    How do you set the RTC-related pins in an nvSRAM with real-time Clock (RTC) when RTC functionality is not used?



    When you are not using the RTC functionality in an nvSRAM with RTC, the RTC-related pins of the part (XIN, XOUT, VRTCcap, and VRTCbat) must be left floating. Also, you must ensure that the RTC oscillator is disabled by setting the OSCEN bit in register 0xF8 to ‘1’ and performing a software store after tRTCp.