Missing Watchdog Enable Parameter in CY8C29xxx Devices – KBA85221

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    Translation - Japanese: CY8C29xxxデバイスのウォッチドッグイネーブルパラメーターがない – KBA85221 - Community Translated (JA)



    You created a new project with a CY8C29xxx device in PSoC® Designer™ 5.3. However, you cannot find the Watchdog Enable parameter in the Global Resources window. Is there a workaround?



    This is a known issue in PSoC Designer 5.3 for the CY8C29xxx family, but it has been fixed in version 5.4. Cypress® recommends PSoC Designer 5.4. However, if you would like to continue to use PSoC Designer 5.3, apply one of the following workarounds:


    • Change the value of the ORDER attribute for the Watchdog Enable resource from ‘19’ to ‘20’ in the StdDevicesBH1.xml device description. You can find this file in the following PSoC Designer installation path:  


    • Execute the following macro in the project application code: 



    AN32200 - PSoC® 1 - Clocks and Global Resources has more information about the clocks and global resources available in PSoC 1 devices.


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