Project Archive in PSoC® Designer™ 5.3 - KBA85754

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Question: Why am I unable to open projects that were archived using PSoC® Designer™ 5.3 with the 'Minimal' option? The following message appears in the 'Status Bar': "Some of files supporting this project have not been installed."



The projects archived using PSoCDesigner 5.3 cannot be opened if the both of the following are true:

  •   Projects were originally created with PSoC Designer 5.2 or earlier releases;
  •   Projects were archived using PSoC Designer 5.3 with 'Minimal' option;

The message “Some of files supporting this project have not been installed.” appears in the Status Bar.

Root Cause

There is a bug in PSoC Designer 5.3 software due to which the PSoCConfig.xml file is not included in the archive for the projects that were created with earlier PSoC Designer releases and if the "Minimal" option is chosen for archiving. This bug will be fixed in the next PSoC Designer release. 'Complete' and 'Bundle' are the only archiving options recommended to be used in PSoC Designer 5.3. There are no issues with the 'Minimal' archiving option for the projects that were initially created in PSoC Designer 5.3.


  1.   Use 'Complete' or 'Bundle' archiving options in PSoC Designer 5.3. Omit using 'Minimal' option for archiving projects created with PSoC Designer 5.2 or earlier releases.
  2.   If there is a need to use the 'Minimal' option, you must manually perform one of the following actions:  
    1.     Update the archive manually - copy the PSocConfig.xml file from the original project to the archive. The PSocConfig.xml file must be located on the same level as main.c.
    3.     Rename the PSocConfig.xml file before archiving with the 'Minimal' option. Rename PSocConfig.xml to PSoCConfig.xml in the original project and then archive the original project with the 'Minimal' option again.