Convert DSN and BRD Files to SchDoc and PcbDoc Files - KBA85454

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    Question: How to convert the schematic and layout files from DSN and BRD format to .SchDoc and .PcbDoc format?



    Cypress provides the schematic and layout files of all the Development kits on the respective web pages in .DSN and .BRD format (binary format). These files can be converted into .SchDoc and .PcbDoc format (ASCII format) by using the Altium Designer’s Import Wizard in Altium Designer software. provides stepwise information on how to convert OrCad Design files into Altium files.

    Extended Response:

    Cypress uses Orcad and Allegro softwares for hardware design of kits. The board design files (Schematic, Layout, Assembly, and Gerber files) of kits are uploaded to the respective kit web pages for customers’ use. There have been quite a few requests in the past from some customers to provide the ASCII format of the gerber files. So, to convert the DSN and BRD format of design files to ASCII format i.e., to .SchDoc and .PcbDoc respectively, the Altium software provides a built in wizard that converts these files for the user into usable ASCII format.

    Please go through the link for more information regarding this topic.