Change in Instruction for Example 3 Code example in CY8CKIT-001 Kit - KBA85456

Version 1
    Question: When I try to follow instructions for Ex3_ADC_to_UART_with_DAC code example for CY8C28 processor module, the project builds with errors. Why?



    The CY8CKIT-001 User Guide gives step-wise instructions to create a project from scratch. However, for Ex3_ADC_to_UART_with_DAC code example, the Counter ISR is used to generate the sine wave pattern based on voltage count read using ADC. To instruct the interrupt vector to jump to custom Counter interrupt, ‘@INTERRUPT_9 line in boot.tpl must be replaced with ljmp _Counter16_C_ISR. In the User guide, the instructions for this exist but there is no space between the mnemonic ljmp and the rest of the asm code. The code builds with errors when you copy and paste this line in the boot.tpl file. A space needs to be inserted between the ljmp and rest of the asm code. If this change is done, the project builds with no errors and warnings.