Current Drawn on XRES Pin of MiniProg1 - KBA83337

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    Question: How to calculate the current drawn on XRES pin of MiniProg1 during programming?



    The current drawn on XRES pin of MiniProg1 during programming can be calculated by accounting the 220-Ohm series resistor on XRES pin of MiniProg1 and 5 K pull-down on the XRES of the device to be programmed. The XRES pin is driven by one of the GPIOs of CY8C27643 device that is placed on MiniProg1. As this CY8C27643 is powered with 3.3 V during programming, the current sourced on this pin would be 3.3 V/5220 = 0.632 mA. This calculation excludes the loading due to glitch filter on XRES pin of the device as the current drawn by glitch filter is negligible when compared to the current through the pull-down resistor. The following figure shows the hardware connection.