PSoC® 4 Debug Interface - KBA87096

Version 3

    Version: *B


    Translation - Japanese: PSoC® 4デバッグインターフェース - Community Translated (JA)



    Which debug interface does PSoC 4 family support?



    PSoC 4 family devices support only Serial Wire Debug (SWD) interface, which needs two pins: SWDIO and SWDCLK. PSoC 3/PSoC 5LP® supports both SWD and JTAG interfaces.


    The MiniProg3 5- and 10-pin debug connectors provide support for SWD interface modes. The pin mapping for the SWD interface mode is shown in the following figures. Note that Vtarg (Pin #1) must be connected to VDDD supply and XRES (Pin# 3 for 5-pin, Pin# 10 for 10-pin) must be connected to the device reset pin.


    For more information, refer to the chapter “Program and Debug Interface” in the respective PSoC 4 device Architecture TRM.


    Debug Connector (5-pin) SWD