How to Avoid the Need for an External EEPROM - KBA83524

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    Question: Can I use the default VID/PID and default descriptors for the hub to avoid the need for an external EEPROM?



    You do not need an external EEPROM for the hub to operate. The hub will enumerate with the default VID/PID of 0x04B4/0x6560 (for HX2LP), or 0x04B4/0x6570 (for HX2VL). You can use this configuration for test/development purposes.

    However, for production, you will need your own VID/PID to pass USB compliance and get the hub certified. You can configure the hub to use your VID/PID either of the following ways:

    1.   Add an external EEPROM to your design. The external EEPROM will be programmed to provide your VID/PID, descriptors, and other hub configuration settings.

    2.   Purchase your parts with the internal fuse links set to your VID/PID (this is a factory function only and cannot be done after packaging).

    For more information, refer to the device datasheet.