USB-Serial Device Class Support - KBA85912

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    Translation - Japanese: USB-シリアルデバイスクラスのサポート - KBA85912 - Community Translated (JA)



    Which device classes do USB-Serial controllers support?



    USB-Serial controllers support Communication Driver Class (CDC), Personal Healthcare Device Class (PHDC) and vendor-specific USB classes.


    Communication Driver Class: This device class can be used to implement a virtual COM port, which is a software simulation of a legacy RS232 interface using a USB physical layer. This device class is appropriate for replacing a RS232 interface with USB while maintaining software compatibility with existing host applications.


    Personal Healthcare Device Class: This device class offers an enriched USB class to support personal healthcare devices, thereby offering seamless interoperability.


    Vendor-Specific Class: If the functionality intended is not predefined by USB-IF, a vendor-specific class can be used.