How to Roll Back to a Previous Version of FX3 SDK - KBA89637

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    Question: How to roll back to a previous version of FX3 SDK?



    You can roll back to any previous version of FX3 SDK using “Cypress Update Manager”. Use these steps to install any previous version

    1.   Open Cypress Update Manager from Start () > All Programs > Cypress > Cypress Update Manager.
    2.   In the Cypress Update Manager, click the Configure button next to EZ-USB FX3 SDK 1.3. The CyInstaller for EZ-USB FX3 SDK 1.3 window opens.
    3.   From the Installation Type drop-down list, select Custom and then click Next button.
    4.   From the Available Releases drop-down list, select the required version of FX3 SDK that you want to install and click Next button.
    5.   To continue with the installation, accept the License Agreement and click Next button.
    6.   The installer automatically downloads the required files, uninstalls the existing version, and installs the selected version of FX3 SDK.
    7.   After the SDK is installed, you will get an installation complete message.