Cypress Cyanide-Plating Process Statement - KBA88496

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Does Cypress use cyanide during the plating process? 



Cypress does not have any plating process; hence, cyanide is not used in the manufacturing plant. 

For lead frames with NiPdAu finish: Cypress NiPdAu-finish lead frames are preplated. According to one of Cypress’s suppliers, cyanide is not possible to eliminate, because the plating is based on a cyanided bath in chemical and without it, it is not possible to plate the lead frame. Since it is only used for plating under a chemical bath, the finished lead-frame material is not affected.

For lead frames with pure Sn finish: Parts with Pure Sn-finish lead frames come from Cypress-selected subcontractor sites with their in-house plating process. Cyanide plating is not used in their plating process.

This statement is in response to China's National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) Guiding Catalogue for Industry Structural Adjustment on Feb 16, 2013. The catalogue mandates the elimination of plating process containing toxic and hazardous cyanide (gold plating of Potassium Gold(III) Cyanide (KAu(CN)4) and Potassium Aurocyanide (Kau (CN) 2) by the end of 2014. This amendment is scheduled to be effective from May 1st, 2013.