Cypress Cyanide-Plating Process Statement – KBA88496

Version 3

    Version: *B


    Translation - Japanese: サイプレスのシアン化物メッキ工程ステートメント - KBA88496 - Community Translated (JA)



    Does Cypress use cyanide during the plating process?



    Cypress does not have any plating process; hence, cyanide is not used in the manufacturing plant.


    For lead frames with NiPdAu finish: Cypress NiPdAu-finish lead frames are preplated. According to one of Cypress’s suppliers, cyanide is not possible to eliminate, because the plating is based on a cyanided bath in chemical and without it, it is not possible to plate the lead frame. Since it is only used for plating under a chemical bath, the finished lead-frame material is not affected.


    For lead frames with pure Sn finish: Parts with Pure Sn-finish lead frames come from Cypress-selected subcontractor sites with their in-house plating process. Cyanide plating is not used in their plating process.