Cypress Wafer-Level MSDS – KBA88492

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    Translation - Japanese: CypressのウエハーレベルのMSDS – KBA88492 - Community Translated (JA)



    Where can I find Cypress Wafer material safety datasheets (MSDS)?



    Cypress does not collect MSDS at the wafer level. A wafer is an “article” and there is no regulatory requirement to document MSDS for articles. Cypress collects MSDS for the homogeneous materials listed in a product’s material composition (direct materials), or the material used in packing the product for protection during shipment (indirect materials).


    The RoHS data or the SGS report for a wafer or die product is available upon request. Using wafer RoHS reports with the homogeneous test reports of the direct materials gives us full support for material composition declarations that are compliant with regulatory requirements.